Friday, November 23, 2012


We should stand for the implementation of an Equal Money System and an Equal Labor System because it without a doubt will make sure that corruption, war, starvation, gangs, prostitution, child labor, slavery, the pornography industry, profit, greed, money related stress and fear of survival be forever eradicated and will give each and everyone access to proper shelter, sufficient food and water, clothes, education, electricity, health care etc. Either we stand up for a global Equality System that gives Every Child an Equal amount of Money from Birth so that All have an Equal access to the Basic Necessities we all  Share and have in Common - or the consequences of what we have allowed and accepted will force us. My name is Vincente Fox  and I  am  one vote for an Equal Money System, Join us in the Equal Life Foundation if you see the Common Sense in what is Best for All is also Best for us. Start using your Voice to share Common Sense and to Speak Up for All Life as Equal!