Wednesday, July 11, 2012


  • This is an Anonymous message from the global revolution to politicians, dictators and plutocrats all over the planet.

  • "Surprised by the global disobedience?" Let us explain to your delicate situation.
  • Tens of thousands of years ago, human beings began to evolve. Since then, our species has walked a dark and bloody road, which isolated people, condemned to live in fear caused by ignorance.

  • Knowledge, ethics and technological development have always been conditioned by the elite and their wars, which is a ??? metaphor, have done nothing more than perpetuate political and obscure anti-social schemes.

  • We have arrived to the 21st century of our era. After two world wars; endorsing the possibility of nuclear conflict with assured mutual destruction, their so-called economists and intellectuals,having announced that it was the end of the story, it seemed, more than ever, that looking for a fair order was meaningless.

  • Thinking that they had slowed our rational development enough, they let us carry on with the progress model whose sole objective was never more than to make them even richer and more powerful.

  • However, they did not consider that the real human spirit refuses to go, always. While they believed that they were overcoming us by using economic shocks, our species has evolved in a new manner.

  • Using only the powers of culture and freedom, we have the technological resources that were borne of our genius and that were only provided to us with consumerist intentions.

  • So we have updated, improved and immunised our force operations and effectiveness. We absorb their own tactics, techniques and power of persuasion to form our own dreams and challenges.

  • Today, the revolution is spreading around the planet as a challenge to their oppression and they shamelessly try to shut down our freedom of expression.

  • Finally, information has reached critical mass, exploding in a melting pot of voices who's new wishes and needs can't be covered by their old paradigm.

  • Now, physically and digitally interconnected, we form a huge collective consciousness. Maybe their corporate media silence is what's happening but they can't fool us any more. They can temporarily stop some points but the process will continue, unstoppable and ever-changing.

  • Now it doesn't matter which measures they take for trying to counteract us. The more violence, censorship and obstacles they putin our way, the more they expose their weakness.

  • From every place on the earth, with different ideas and from different conditions, women and men have always existed and always will exist to oppose the pretence of undemocratic and unjust governments.

  • After millenniums of suffering, our species has stood up, and nothing will ever be the same. Their totalitarian game is ending. But friends, the story hasn't ended.

  • This is where it begins. We will take the streets and occupy them. Change is happening. The people should never fear the government.The government should fear the people.

  • We are the people. We are the only system. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Join us