Monday, November 28, 2011


letters allegedly sent by D.B. Cooper after his infamous heist. Four D.B. Cooper letters all surfaced within one week after America's most celebrated, unsolved air hijacking. All four letters were sent to major newspapers, not to the FBI. The sequence and timing of the letters is very important, as they show the "escape route" of D.B. Cooper. They also show a "connection" to our suspect, Bill Gossett."

Letter #1 -- It was sent out from Oakdale, CA on Saturday, November 27, 1971. It reached the Reno Evening Gazette on Monday, November 29, 1971 and was immediately published on page 1 of that evening edition. It reads, "Attention! Thanks for the Hospitality. Was in a rut. D.B. Cooper." It was a cut and paste letter.

It was determined within two days that the letter's words and phrases came from the Friday, November 26, 1971 edition of the Modesto Bee newspaper. Bill Gossett lived in Merced, CA for many years prior to 1971 and his first family was eating T-Giving dinner in Merced the night after Cooper hijacked Northwest Airlines Flight #305. Merced is about 20 miles from Oakdale, CA. The FBI took possession of this letter and it has never been seen since.