Monday, November 28, 2011


Letter #2 -- It was handprinted and mailed from Vancouver, BC Canada to the Vancouver Province editor's office. The Province published the letter on Wednesday, December 1, 1971, but the postage date was Tuesday, November 30, 1971. The letter was taken by the Vancouver Police Department and never seen again."The composite drawing on Page 3 as suspected by FBI does not represent the truth. I enjoyed the Grey Cup game. Am leaving Vancouver now. Thanks for your hospitality. D.B. Cooper"

The Grey Cup game is the Canadian's version of the Superbowl and was played on Sunday, November 28, 1971 in Vancouver. The hijacker first saw the FBI's sketch of himself in the Monday, November 29, 1971 newspaper, and apparently didn't like the drawing by the FBI. The words, "thanks for the hospitality" appeared again in a letter that was sent in Vancouver, BC, a long ways from Reno, Nevada. This is the same author of both letters, a man on the run and taunting the FBI. Gossett liked football, he liked Canada, and he used the phrase "thanks for your hospitality" often.