Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Asylum Spirit Images

I took many photos with a 4 MP digital camera, I was astonished to see this "Fuzzy" apparition appearing at the opening of one of the patient rooms. The tour guide had explained that the engineer for construction had designed the building so that two beams of light from opposite sides of the building would create an “X” in the center of the floor. This “X” over time would indicate that the building remained level. If one beam became longer than the other, that would indicate and out of plumb condition. Very ingenious! I was only attempting to photograph this “X” without using the flash.
When I uploaded my pictures to my PC at home, I was astonished to see the apparition in the distance on the right hand side of the frame. Looking as if it were entering the door. Note that the door jam is obscured by the apparition! The weather that day was very nice with no wind. This could have not been dust being stirred. Not a breeze was blowing! Three seconds later I took a second picture with flash. You can see the result! It is more interesting to shift rapidly between the photos. Now you see it far away and then up close? It is not at the door jam in the flash photo. In either case I have no idea what this might have been. I have always heard that digital cameras do not lie. I DID not photoshop this image!