Friday, September 16, 2011

TV Station Ghost

This photo was taken by a security guard at the TV station where I work. There has been rumors of a ghost for some time. He said he took this photo & a lot of other photos & this was in one frame. There was nothing visible to the naked eye. There's a door that people have reported hearing banging on, which is next to here. This exact spot where the photo was taken is the spot in which, one night I walked around the whole building opening up to see what energies I could feel, & in this exact spot, before I ever saw this photo, I felt an immense energy so strong & negative that I actually ran out of the area. Before the TV station the area used to be a church, which was burned to the ground by arson. Could this be a ghost from then, or is this some kind of elemental entity, possibly responsible for the fire itself?