Sunday, May 8, 2011


I, like many people, witnessed a great thing yesterday. I lent special attention to what our new president had to say as this was President Obama's opportunity to let us know what his goals will be.

In my opinion, if we are to have an economic recovery, some new innovation will have to be well accepted into commerce and the lives of everyday people. The dot com craze didn't happen because everyone had a new web site. It happened because home computing become as accepted as television, making it possible to deliver web content to nearly every home.

So, I was overjoyed to hear that President Obama plans to make alternative energy a centerpiece of his economic recovery plan. If the government puts its full force and weight behind new alternative energy technologies, the price to produce electricity through solar and wind will be dramatically reduced. If the price is reduced, solar panels on roofs of houses will be as common as chimneys. That transformation may be our way out of this recession. Plus, it'll be a boom that will last, instead of busting. Imagine the economic benefit of reducing people's home energy costs by half or more.

Think about it and let me know what your thoughts are.