Saturday, November 21, 2009


c/o Mr. Josh Glazeroff

I am writing this letter for my fiancée Kamlesh Kaur and our minor children Poonam, Parveen and Gagandeep.

US Citizen. My case # NWD2008783002.

My fiancée is Kamlesh Kaur who I love for more than two years and her three children Poonam Parveen and Gangadeep . On or about December 2008 the USCIS office, cleared and approved my fiancé petition sent to New Hampshire office with case umber

and gave me and Kamlesh Kaur and her three children an interview date on January 27 2009.

I appeared at the window of an officer who asked me to take an oath, which I did then the officer called me a liar yelled at me and threaten me. I told him my love for Kamlesh was real and my relationship was genuine I brought proof and the officer refused to look at the photo's and letters and cards.

I was not aware that the officer could do my thinking for me and I do not believe it is his business to make personal opinions of an American man who wants to marry an Indian woman that is my business. This relationship is real and honest, and continues. Love knows no color no race we (Kamlesh and I understand each other and accept each other cultures)

I thought one was innocent to proven guilty?

This is why people come to America for the freedom to choose and I have chosen this woman to be my wife and help raise her three children and to give them a better future.

The officer told me he wanted more documents and gave us one year to collect which we collected and documents were filed and accepted in good faith with fees paid to the VFS office. Then for more than three months I wait in pain and I sent many emails to Embassy to get status of my case.

The answer was always the same "Pending Administration processing under 221(g). I contacted our congresswomen Ms. Woolsey and provided her office all the proof of my genuine relationship and their office contact the Embassy

Now I am told that the case is closed and is sent back to the USCIS office for review due to an expired fiancé petition. This is a very important document why did your office fail to tell us this after the fact and the officer, who threatened me but did not advise me that this document was going to expire soon so we could have renewed that petition.

To me it appears that the staff at US Embassy is indifferent to the plights of US citizens and careless as to US Citizen's rights under the Constitution were it is says "Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all people foreign and domestic, even though these officers took an oath to uphold the Constitution. All I am asking you at this time is to give me the actual reasons for denial and not the vague allegation, which is not even true.

For Kamlesh and her children's future will be the best with me .I have lost a lot of time at your office I have seen others get visa's with the same facts as me why are you being hard on me Kamlesh and the children ? Or is this selective discrimination?

Ours is a genuine case and I am planning to marry her and file new petition Hope you understand my situation, please let me know ASAP.

God Bless America

Thank you for your time,

Sincerely yours